About the Rollergrip

“The Rollergrip; a solution so easy, that it’s hard to understand why nobody else thought about it before.”

The Hassle

Everyone recognizes it, the hassle of removing the paint roller of frame.

The roller frame has been around since 1940, yet the solution for the removing-issue is missing.

Due to all the hassle, the roller frame is now being thrown away en masse.

Every year at least 6.000.000 roller frames end up in the waste container in the EU, just for convenience.

Not to mention the many disposable gloves, plastic bags and cleaning wipes.

Each year again, while with one simple solution it can all be fixed.

Idea and Patent

In 2013, the idea for the Rollergrip originated, which led to a permanent solution for all the hassle.

The invention is unique and meanwhile patented.


In 2017, the startup Kremer Products® was brought into life and the first Rollergrip was put into the market.

Frame Models

This tool can be used on a 6mm roller frame and can be recognized easily, because of the “7-shape”.

(not suitable for the 8mm large roller frame)

Plastic and Quality

Plastic is the ideal material for this tool, because it has to glide smoothly over the metal roller frame.

A well considered design, impact resistant PP-plastic and a long product life cycle.

50% higher load capacity than the (metal) roller frame, which is quite a performance itself for 40 grams of plastic.

Estimated product life cycle for DIY-usage is 20 years.

Customer satisfaction is paramount; we only want the best of the best.

In order to ensure quality, the tools are only being produced in the Netherlands.


The Rollergrip has been produced in a sustainable way, is completely recyclable, stimulates reuse and saves the environment.


A striking and graceful design.

100% functional; everything that is not necessary has been omitted.

Paint Can Opener

An extra touch; with the Rollergrip a new 0.75L paint can can be opened.

You can find the opener in the rear of the handle.

Gadget and Promotional Item

The tool is handy, sustainable, eco-friendly, unique and on-trend.

Available in multiple colors, with your own text or logo if desired.