Function and Benefits

The Rollergrip; a solution so easy, that it’s hard to understand why nobody else thought about it before.”


Detaching paint rollers easily.

Put the tool on the frame behind the roller, move both handles towards each other and it is done!

Push the paint roller easily and controlled of the frame.

Applied lever

Getting rid of paint rollers is not just impractical, you also need strength.

This tool has a lever, which reduces the exertion with 50 percent.

The notch makes it possible to also detach paint rollers from smaller frames.


  • Ease of use (no mess, always works)
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Paint rollers last longer (detaching without damaging the roller)
  • No crooked frames
  • Reduces the risk of (repair) damage from paint splatter
  • No lagging “clamping mechanism” on the axis of the frame (controlled motion)
  • No broken liners (keeps the paint clean)
  • Prevents use of disposable products (less mess, less cleaning)
  • Professional quality, low price and a long product life cycle (DIY 20 years)
  • Eco-friendly & sustainable, impact resistant and recyclable
  • Leverage (no strength needed and ergonomic)
  • Maintenance free (except for possibly wiping it off with a dry cloth after use)